After only one week, I’M IN AWE!!

Wow, what a week it was! I finally got around to entering my first post to the blog and got the Twitter feed going. Needless to say, I’m beside myself with the follows I have received on Twitter and views to this blog. It started as just a record of what my training would be for my races this year, but it has turned into so much more than that!! It’s now a motivator beyond words. To get a notification that Bart Yasso is following me on Twitter is HUGE!! Others that are following are providing so much motivation to my upcoming training, which I truly appreciate. Big shoutout to Matt Fry and his blog! Great read and I highly recommend everyone with the passion of running to read and follow on Twitter!!

This week I will be preparing for my full schedule of training. Running, Cross Training, & Diet is all being planned and mapped out. Spent the weekend purchasing items for this week’s menu and clearing any and all junk food out of the cupboards. I know at the start the cross training piece will cause some serious aches from lack of doing anything in that fashion, but those aches will be welcomed. Although the training does not start until Monday 2/13, the mental piece and preparation of this mission has started now. I’m ready and willing to accept it with an open and clear mind-state.

Already registered for the Chicago Marathon, up next is registration for Kansas City, and Omaha!!

Stay Tuned, but more importantly….. THANK YOU FOR READING!!


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