2012 is the Year of the Three-In-Four

That’s right Three 26.2 mile races in a four week time span. It all kicks off September 23rd in Omaha and wrapping up in Kansas City on October 20th. While I hate to wish time away, I find myself chomping at the bit to get outside and start training for these races! One thing that I realize will be hard is the waiting game and not over training. I need to concentrate on strength during this time period and get some muscle development before hitting that pavement.

I am very excited about ordering my new Motorola Motoactv fitness device. All of the reviews I have read have been great and I love the way the interface looks! I can say that it will feel great running without my phone strapped to my arm. But let me tell ya, the Motoactv is just that cool!! I can’t wait for it to track my progress, give me my performance workout playlists, and provide me with detailed workout history along with doing this blog. To have a recording of all of this is making it so much more worth while. Now if I could only pursuade the good folks at Motorola to send me a Motoactv, now that would be great!! Not that I’m cheap, I’m buying one regardless! The device just flat out ROCKS!!! It would be nice to have one exclusive to my training for my Three-In-Four. That would be a good pitch to Motorola, in exchange for a Motoactv from them, fully endorse the device as my official equipment for my races. Heck I would even blog and plug the device everytime I have a training run along the way. Pictures of me wearing the device at each one of the races, and I would also ask for a technical shirt or have the ability to get their logo put on the shirts I wear for the races.

Now that would be cool to me! Posing for a finisher photo with the race names and logos as a backdrop with me and my Motoactv right there every step of the way! Hey folks at Motorola are you listening and want to send me one???



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