Progress Report

Hello all,

I first want to extend a BIG thank you to all that have viewed the page thus far. Not a lot of activity from me due to the process of mapping my training for my Fall races. Another piece is the wonderful Midwestern weather that I’m hoping will make a turn for the best in kicking off the running season. In the meantime I am making some very big strides in completing my gameplan for my Three-In-Four. The first piece of that is receiving my customized running and recovery plan to follow in-between races from Runner’s World columnist Jenny Hadfield. She’s a GREAT source for information and assistance! Make sure to follow her on Twitter & Facebook. Links listed at the end of this post.

Speaking of Facebook, I had created a fan page back in 2010 to allow my family and friends to follow my progress of running my first marathon. I have decided to modify and re-activate this fan page to allow everyone on Facebook to follow my progress as well. I plan on using both Facebook and Twitter in different ways. My Twitter feed will most likely be more frequently updated, but the Facebook page along with this blog will incorporate more multimedia items. Viral Videos, photos from pre, during, and post training runs, along with full race coverage. Not only will I be profiling the big three races, but all warm-up races in-between. My goal is to capture as much as I can so I am able to go back and read/watch this process over again. With going back and re-living this process, the other big part of it will be looking back on all of the support I have received throughout this journey. So far the amount of followers on Twitter has been extremely humbling! I can’t begin to imagine what this will be like going forward.

One last note for the day. Many of my friends have told me that I’m “Crazy, Nuts, Insane” for putting my body thru what I am going to do. Well, there is method behind the madness and in the coming weeks that story will be told. I will unveil the reasoning behind this self-challenge along with why the locations are where they are at and the order they are in. Quite the story that I hope inspires all who read it!

Listed below are the links I have mentioned in today’s post. Included in these links is my page’s and journey sponsor, Running4TheMasses. This is a GREAT blog page with a TON of valuable information!!



Runner’s World columnist Jenny Hadfield

DixonRunning Official Facebook Fan Page

DixonRunning Official Sponsor Page – Running4TheMasses


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