The Power That Is Social Media

And POWERFUL it is!! I have to admit, I was/am a Facebook junkie, it eats up time that I will never get back and for what?? To see that your “Friends” hate drivers who probably are better skilled then they are, and what irritates them?? In the end you realize that it is taking up your time with offering absolutely nothing positive in return. It was the same thought I had when I originally signed on with Twitter. You spend hours looking in on other people’s lives vs. concentrating on your own. Well, in the last month that has changed for me. I’ve discovered the power and positive benefits from both Facebook and Twitter. They serve two completely different purposes for me also. And now that I have discovered and harnessed this new outlook on both networks, they’re not time-killers or useless information to me.

Facebook – At first and still is the most widely used form of social media and rightfully so. Without it, I would not have gotten back in contact with so many people from High School. For instance my former high school cross country teammate who I am happy to be running with for his first marathon and my kick-off race in my quest for 3 in 4 weeks. He also happens to be my sponsor for this blog and for the journey.  I asked myself a question one day.  “With all of the runners that you know, why don’t you start a Facebook closed group for everyone to share ideas and lean on each other for support?”  I reached out to a few people to see if they would be interested in something like that and received some great interest.  I created the group and WOW, it has taken off like I have never imagined!  So much information shared and so much encouragement from each member.  The great thing is that we’re just your normal group that just flat out enjoy’s running but are not for collecting prize money.  The other thing I did was create a fan page that is like this blog.  A way for me to look back on my accomplishment and share with hopes of inspiring others.  I have found that no longer am I using Facebook to look thru the fishbowl glass on other’s lives, but using it to make my experiences of this journey better and hopefully helping other’s along the way.

Twitter-  Although not used as much as Facebook, this social network is a BEAST!!!  Who would have thought that something as simple as having a 140 character restriction for getting your thought out would have so much impact in such a positive way?  In the same mind state that I used with Facebook, I figured, let me create a separate Twitter account with the same name as this blog.  Well, I am floored!!  The wealth of information I have received in just 2 weeks of having my @dixonrunning Twitter account active will be priceless for my training!  Information and product that I have never heard of before, I am now following and even being followed by.  I also see that a lot of companies are using their Twitter accounts more often than Facebook.  I have even seen some of the businesses only have Twitter accounts with no Facebook accounts to be heard of.  I can’t even get into how many blogs I have discovered from using Twitter and hope that the same happens with my blog.  So much knowledge shared, and it is AMAZING!

In closing, February is on the verge of closing out which means, Springtime is right around the corner!  Bring on our running season!!!  I can’t wait to share the story of my journey with everyone!!  Just wanting to get my view numbers up a little more and I will get it out there.  We’ll see but if not by the weeks end, definitely next week it will be shared!

In the meantime, check out my sponsor Running4TheMasses!!



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