“Motivation for me was them telling me what I could not be… Oh well!!”

One of my favorite lyrics from one of my top motivational running tracks!  The words that Pharrell sings during the hook of “So Ambitious” by Jay-Z gets me so pumped when I’m running.  That brings me to today’s thought.  When you’re running and listening to music, what do you look for?  Are you relying on a fast beat that you can match your foot strikes to, or are you listening to the lyrics for that extra mental boost that will get you over the hump?  I do both.  First off, I cannot run without my music.  I feel lost without it and cannot stand listening to myself breathing.  But as a music lover, what I load in my playlist is like a Thanksgiving Cornucopia of genres.  There are some tracks that I need strictly for the musical aspect of things, and the others are definitely on the lyrical side.  There are some that are just way slow and most people would wonder how I can possibly listen to it and get motivated to run like Radiohead’s “Optimistic”.  Such a mellow track, but the lyrics are that extra booster for me.  “You can try the best you can, If you try the best you can, The best you can is good enough.”  Then after that track is over the playlist may begin to play Rage Against The Machine’s “Renegades of Funk”, and from there to maybe one of the many Drake tracks I have loaded into the playlist.  Running is so mental and my music is my tool to assist in battling negative thoughts along with providing me with the “Nothing is going to stop me!” mentality.

I was lucky enough to enjoy my first run using my Motorola Motoactv last night.  WOW, what a great device this is!  It’s the worlds 1st GPS Fitness Tracker, and Smart MP3 Player, All-In-One.  Coming in at a price point that is less than your top tier Garmin GPS watches, this powerful and fun device does it all.  You no longer have to have your GPS watch on one arm, and your music device attached to your hip or other arm.  It does so much more.  Schedule workouts with the easy to use interface website, automatically sync with selected playlists that you may have already setup in iTunes, and listening along with Heart Rate monitoring can all be done with wireless accessories.  So where does the “Smart MP3” player come in??  Well, this device learns what tracks you perform your best to.  It shows a full playlist of every track played during your workout and also reports what your pace was and heart rate was during the track.  It then compiles and creates a “Performance Playlist” based on the tracks you perform best to.  Nothing like eliminating the hopeful thoughts that “Shuffling” your playlist will get you some good random tracks in a great order.  With the Performance Playlist, you get them all.  I can keep going, but will instead hold off and write a full review about the device soon.  With that being said, I am very proud to say that the Motorola Motoactv will be my official Fitness GPS/Music device for my Three-In-Four.  This device will be with me on all of my practice runs and races leading up to the actual marathons.

I also want to go on record and give a big Thank You to Motorola Mobility.  When I checked my email this morning, I was informed that I won one of these devices including the wrist strap, armband, and bike mount accessories!  I was elated to have one, now there are two in the household and let me say that my wife is quite happy to have her very own Motoactv to run with.  I think a movement has started with this device.  My sponsor Running4TheMasses is even using the Motoactv.  After originally wanting one, I had to HAVE one upon receiving the signoff from my sponsor as a “MUST HAVE”.  There will be a detailed review on their site as well.  Check it out for a non-biased fair review.

Sorry for getting off subject, but not really due to this fun device that I’ve rambled on about being such a great tool for running with music.  But, back to the music that drives me.  The title of today’s post hits home for me and my “Ambition” to complete my goal.  Every one will under stand why the hook of this track is so meaningful when my story is revealed.

When will that happen you ask???  TOMORROW!!!

And for the rest of the hook.

Motivation for me was them telling me what I could not be,
Oh well,
I’m so ambitious!

Hey im on a mission
No matter what the conditions,
Forget the personal issues
When you been what I been through,
Hey if you believe it,
Then you could conceive it.

     “So Ambitious”  Performed by Jay-Z from the album Blueprint III

Be sure to check out the Motoactv

–>  www.motoactv.com

–> www.twitter.com\motoactv


One thought on ““Motivation for me was them telling me what I could not be… Oh well!!”

  1. Hey Ryan– Thanks for the note on Twitter! Totally agree that finding music that works for you can make a big difference in running or working out. I’ve spent a lot of time researching music for running and fitness. If you look into many studies done, they show that performance can be enhanced esp. w/ songs that match the bpm (beats per minute) to your pace.

    Good luck on the marathon training!

    Some current favs:

    Hey Now Now – The Cloud Room (150)
    Niagara Falls – Harlem Shakes (159)
    Hannah – Freelance Whales (180)
    Sydney (I’ll Come Running) – Brett Dennen (165)
    Mambo No. 5 – Lou Bega (172)
    Ten-Twenty-Ten – The Generationals (172)
    Wonder Why – Vetiver (152)
    Everybod’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) – Baz Luhrmann (178)
    I Want The World To Stop – Belle & Sebastian (151)
    Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1 – The Flaming Lips (156)

    Find over 60 hrs of additional songs at:

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