Will the Pain I’m Going to Put Myself Through Come at a Cost???

The only cost I am looking at having is that of entry fees for these races and other expenses.  In order to succeed, you have to endure the pain, but it doesn’t have to be at a cost.  It’s all about the reward, and that reward is completing the task and staying injury free.  In creating the blueprint of my training plan, I have signed up to attend a small group personal training program.  By doing this early in the stages before the hardcore marathon training begins, I will have strengthened muscles that will be able to withstand the pounding they will receive and recover more rapidly which ends in yet another reward!  That reward being, that come time for these races, I will be in the BEST shape of my life!!

Thank you to everyone who has continued to read these posts!!

I am also very happy and pleased to announce my endorsement of Pro-Tec Athletics – A sports medicine product line that includes Braces, Hot/Cold and Massage Therapy Products.  I will be using their line of massage products (Foam Rollers, Plantar Massage Balls, & Roller Massager).  I am very excited to have this wonderful product to use in keeping injury free on my journey.

Be sure to check them out!!  And be sure to check out my other friends I use in my “Who I Use and Endorse” link section.  In order for my quest to be successful, I rely on these good folks guidance and product!


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