The Training Just Got, PERSONAL…. Now That’s GOOD!

So Wednesday 2/29 marked my first day of small group personal training.  I must say that it’s going to be Good for me.  The workout was tough and I know that it’s only the beginning.  So fitting that I say that doing this training is going to be Good, because my trainer’s last name is Good.  Let me tell ya, this woman is no joke!!

It had to have been the fastest 45 minutes I’ve ever gone through for a workout!  I’ve gone through the 10 week body transformation programs.  Hell, I even won my session’s 10 week challenge and got a $1000 out of it.  I was in great shape, but it didn’t stay that way.  I think with this personal training, it will stick and go a long way.  There was so much detail focused on form and doing things the right way, that it has made quite the difference today.  Yes, I am sore and as the day progressed, the soreness got worse.  That’s not even the funny part.  That occurred prior to waking up.  There is a song by 2Pac where in the intro two men are talking.  It starts with one man saying “I couldn’t help but to notice your pain.”  The other man answers “My pain?” and the conversation is ends with the original man saying “It runs deep, share it with me!”  Well, that exchange was going over, and over, and over in my sleep.  The other weird thing was that it was on beat with something….  That something was my alarm and the moment I open my eyes….  BOOM, the pain was shared!!  And it continued to give throughout the day.

This will only benefit me in my journey and I have to say that my training is coming along following the blueprint.  Only 43 days until my official kickoff race of 2012.  A nice little 6k.  Two weeks following that race I will upping that to a half-marathon at The Drake University Drake Relays.  I’m ready to roll!!

I wont be publishing this right away due to having another soreness report tomorrow morning before publishing.  Ha-Ha

3/2 6:36 AM CST

So the pain is still here!  More intense in the areas I felt yesterday and representing itself in new areas.  It does make me happy to have it.  I know I worked hard and was worked hard.  It will make me so strong for my races and get me to that point of being in the best shape I’ve ever been in.   I hurt but it’s AWESOME!  With this training, my endorsed products from Pro-Tec Athletics will come in very handy for recovery after these workouts.


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