My new Facebook profile pic.  I’m keeping it like this until I reach the look that I’m working to achieve.

I’ve come to realize that so much of my preparation for this year’s running season is reliant upon inspiration.  The mental challenge that I have ahead of myself is going to require a lot more than the physical training that I am doing.  The mind is so powerful.  It can make you have the best or worst run of your day, month, year, or life.  The funny thing about it also is the fact that it can be like a wild animal that you have tried to domesticate.  It can be your number one ally one moment, and turn on you at the drop of a dime.  That brings me to the above picture.  I saw this over the weekend and it was so fitting to me.  With starting my small group training last week, I’m shooting for a new look and physical presence for my fall races.  Why not create a nice looking package while building up this strength for conquering these marathons?

It’s always good to have these smaller goals in line to achieve the big goal.  I’ve researched additional inspiration in finding a picture of what I am wanting my body image to look like by the first part of the summer.  By having this picture available, it inspires me to stay on task for reaching that goal.  The body image along with the above “Under Construction” image keeps my focus to ignore the tempting foods that may be around me on a daily basis.  Instead of having a soda, I think about these pictures.  That want of a soda quickly turns into the correct decision of having some extra water, or if I want something sweet, maybe some Gatorade, iced tea, etc.  I find myself when on Facebook going to a great page entitled “I ❤ To Run”.  The page on a daily bases, has these types of inspirational pictures that help so much.  It’s the little things like seeing these pics and their sayings that can make your day greater or turn a bad one into a motivated one.  Simple pictures are a plus, but when you receive that inspiration from other people, it makes the experience so much more rewarding.  Getting the Twitter follows and the follow-up direct messages that state how your words inspire them is such a boost!  Just to know that the words that are going through my mind and on a post touch someone else in such a positive way, inspires me to work that much harder and appreciate every run that I am able to finish, no matter how fast or slow it may have been.  I’m inspired when I have my sponsors check in on me to see how things are going with my training and give me “AttaBoy’s” when my results are posted.  All of these things do wonders to fight off the negative thoughts that run rampant when on those runs.  I just think that I have no time or energy for that negativity.  I have people with their eyes on me that I WILL NOT let down!!

Speaking of inspiration, please subscribe to my sponsor Running4The Masses and view the running inspiration link.


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