The Shape I Thought I Was In

When I decided to kick off this endeavor I knew that it was going to require some hard work.  Possibly the hardest physical preparation I have ever had to do for anything.  I thought that running throughout the winter months on the treadmill, that it will get me so much further along prior to beginning my official training plan.  Sounds like some good planning right??  Boy was I wrong!!  I’m just so pleased that I started my small group personal training!  So much work to be done, but at least I know I have plenty of time to hit that mark.  Form, Form, Form is what I will be concentrating on from here on out.  Do it correct and get the right results!  From my walking, to how I carry my backpack, to how I sit at my desk. So good to have some expertise there to assist in getting everything I was once used to doing and thought worked changed up to how it should be.  It’s going to make my running so much more efficient and relaxing by time I start the training program for the races.  Although that means I wont be doing as much running as I want now, I know that once I have everything lined up and firing as it should…



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