A Shout Out Kind Of Day

I wanted to use today to show some love to all those supporting me and my journey!  I get comments, messages, texts, & emails supporting me and I want to give some shout outs letting the world know how much I appreciate all of this continued support.  From individuals to companies that together support and believe in my ability of taking all of this on.  I first off start at home, to my wife Karen and all that she puts up with now that her husband is obsessed with this mission I’m on.  It’s going to be very time consuming for training.  She saw that before when I ran my first 26.2, but probably didn’t realize that the addition of a blog, Twitter account, and endless research would begin the time consumption so soon.  Still in the end she is right here with me showing all of the support and love I could ask for.  Karen, My Rock you are!!  All of the awesome people that have subscribed to this blog and have written to me showing your support, I thank you.  I want to give a shout out to all of the wonderful members of my Facebook running group!  We have one hell of a group and I’m so excited to begin our group runs this weekend!  My mother and father who are still right behind me with support just like they were when I was a youngin.  That is priceless and I thank you and Love you!

To a couple of close friends that are actively involved in my journey.  Chad, it is truly  an awesome feeling knowing that the two former cross country teammates will be reuniting back in Omaha to kick off two journeys!  My journey of Three in Four, and your journey into the great group of that special 1% that has been lucky enough to have run a marathon.  Such a great group to be a part of, and I can’t wait to be there with my old friend to welcome him into this club!  I also need to shout Chad for becoming my first sponsor with his Blog Running4TheMasses.  An awesome site that provides daily motivation along with excellent, non-biases reviews.  The next individual has been monumental so many areas besides running and this mission.  Brett, your outlook on life and the ZenHabits that you follow are so inspiriting!!  It is also you generosity.  Your selfless habits not only inspire me, but also makes me a very fortunate man to have you as my friend!  Due to this selfless way of life, I am able to be outfitted in the Under Armour gear that has arrived for my races. Thank you to you both Chad & Brett!!

And now the shout outs that I could not have imagined in a million years…   The GENEROUS companies that have so enthusiastically provided me with use of their superior products to take on this three state tour de force.  To Ultimate Direction, your Fastraw Plus hydration handheld will play such a big role in these training sessions and the big three races coming this fall.  (Especially during the summer months of training!)  To Pro-Tec Athletics, the foam roller, massage roller, and plantar balls, have done absolute wonders for me already!!  The addition of personal training has brought on muscle pain from areas that I would have never expected to feel it from.  The product from Pro-Tec Athletics is definitely something that I will continue to utilize on a daily basis!  The wonderful folks at Tommie Copper, your calf compression sleeves will do wonders in my recovery process from the long training runs and each marathon.  To IonLoop, your excitement that you have displayed in having me wear your ion bracelets for the races, is mindlowing!  I cannot wait to put these bracelets on and feel that result kick in!!

I am just in AWE with the support that I have received!!  Throughout this journey, I will continue to give these shout outs to all that are showing your unparalelled support!!  I am forever thankful.


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