And The Racing Season Begins!!!!!

I have to say that was a pretty satisfying 5k this morning.  Perfect weather for Des Moines in March!  Come gunshot at 11:00 AM we were sitting at 66 degrees with plentiful sunshine and very little wind.  The start was not too congested and I was in a good mind-state.

My wife likes to make fun of me for being such a stickler when it comes to my music, but the first race playlist for my Motoactv today was right on point!  I knew staying up late last night was going to pay off!  The only downside was that the race was too short & I couldn’t listen to everything I added.  What I did put together last night was a well planned list from the starting track to the perfect timing of the finishing track.  It’s a really hyping moment right at gunshot to hit Start and you instantly receive in your headphones Russel Crowe yelling “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!” “IS THIS NOT WHY YOU ARE HERE!?! mixed in with crowd noise and the drumline beginning of “What More Can I Say” by Jay-Z starting off my first race of this epic journey!!  From that point until the finish, every track that started gave me exactly what I needed for each section of the route when I needed it.  Granted there were some tracks that I didn’t listen to for a long period of time, they still all had their purpose.  Finishing strong with The Heavy yelling “HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW!?!” was a perfect closing track.

In the end I finished with a total time of 26:54 and a good guage of what I need to do for improving with each race until the first Marathon on 9/23.  Here’s the Motoactv Stats page.

Big Shout Outs to Running4TheMasses, Pro-Tec Athletics, Tommie Copper, Jaybird, & Motoactv!  You all provided so much boost for this and upcoming races!  THANK YOU!!

My foam roller and handheld roller have already been used. All areas feeling AWESOME!!
Tommie Copper UR THE BEST!!

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