Unexpected Start

It’s the 25th of March, not the 14th of April.  April 14th was to be the inaugural race for DixonRunning, but instead with a last minute registration, TODAY IS THAT DAY!!  The unfortunate piece of the run is due to my wife being unable to kick off her running season.  😦   My hope is that she is able to bounce back so she is able to run her 20k in June injury & pain free.

As for me today, I will be using this 5k as a good analysis for my stride and pace.  Not going to go for a PR by any means, but BELIEVE, I will GET AFTER IT!  I’m so excited to get this journey underway.  Stay tuned for the recap, and thank you for reading!

Checklist Complete:

Clothing & Shoes = CHECK

Tommie Copper Calf Sleeves – CHECK

Pro-Tec Athletics Temporary Tattoo – CHECK

Motoactv & HRM – CHECK

JayBird Freedom Headphones – CHECK

Final Music Playlist – CHECK


Running4TheMasses, Tommie Copper, & Pro-Tec Athletics Today I Represent!!!





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