Finally!!! My Early Morning Runs Are Back!

It feels so good to have this weather back!  Granted I was tired and didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, I was excited to start up my 4AM runs.  There’s just something about being out that early when it’s still dark vs running in the evening after the sun has gone down.  Everything is at rest, so calm and peaceful while daybreak awaits and the rat race that comes with it.   This is the perfect time for my “Me-Time”!  This is definitely a type of running that I will not soon give up, although my group run this past Saturday was quite enjoyable.  In the past I have always prepared for my races and done about 90% of my workout running activities by myself.  I made a change to that this year, and must say that as much as I want to wear my headphones during these long runs, being with a group is so much more of a satisfying experience.

The other addition for my 2012 running season was the introduction of a Facebook running group which I named “We ❤ To Run”.  Its sole purpose is a nice gathering place for me and my Facebook friends to bounce questions off of and to lean on each other for support in our love of running.  I am still floored by the way it has taken off and everyone’s active participation.  With the group, we also kicked off our first of many group runs.  5 of us including myself set out on a 8 mile easy run.  It instantly became a conversation filled time crusher!  At one point we heard someone’s GPS watch beep and we were already at 6 miles complete.  Now that’s being relaxed when you’ve gone 6 and can’t even feel it!  Well, some of us felt it (ME)!  I felt the effects of going out the night before and getting home a mere 4 hours before meeting up with the group.  I must admit, had I ran by myself, that run wouldn’t have lasted 2 miles, but with the group I completed all 8 and was proud of my accomplishment of doing that kind of distance on only 3 plus hours of sleep.  (Kids Do Not Try This At Home!!  I won’t again. )

When going out on my own, it seems like I’m constantly waiting to see what song comes on next.  This was not the case, the mental tricks of aches, pains, and wanting urge to stop disappears instantly.  As much as I love my new bluetooth JayBird Freedom Headset, I can’t wait for the next group run!!  Besides, I was able to listen this morning and they sounded just as incredible as they did the first time I got them.  I now find my self listening to a track and making a note to add it to my Motoactv playlist so I can hear how good it will sound in my Freedoms.  And that’s exactly what I did last night in preparing my “Morning Run” playlist.  In one word… AWESOME!!  I cannot help but to plug these, I just can’t get enough of them!!  Great investment on my part!  While I’m plugging product, I also want to give a big shoutout to Fernanda Crosby and the wonderful folks at IonLoop!!  These bracelets that were sent to me for each one of my marathons are INCREDIBLE!!  The Negative Ion Properties along with the powerful magnets look great and feel even better!!  Having a different phrase for each one of the races is an awesome touch and I thank you for coming up with that and providing them to me!!  I will wear them with PRIDE!  Last but not least I would also like to give a shout out to Kristie Crawford for choosing me as the winner of the Avitae water giveaway!  Along with Kristie, thank you Brittany Wilson of Avitae  for putting on the contest and sending me the water.  Caffeinated water… This stuff is AWESOME!!  Be on the lookout for your email to have some nicely product placed pictures at each of my races this season, including the marathons!!  Avitae is going to be a great pre-race beverage!!

Just as an FYI to all that read my blog.  None of these companies are paying me to mention and endorse their product.  It’s simply a matter of fact on my opinion of their products.  With that being said, to my readers, take a look at these products. I’m fortunate enough to try these products out, which I endorse and spread the good word for them.

Check them all out & Happy Running!!


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