Hello all,

It’s been a while since I’ve been on and I apologize for that.  But things are moving along well with training, and race prep.  I’ve got a 5k & 10k in the bag and my first half-marathon of the season is quickly coming up in less than two weeks.  Though it will not be my fastest, I am looking forward to it and will definitely be STRONG enough for it!

Strong, that’s a powerful word that I have recently reacquainted myself with in the last few weeks.  I always used to view the word as something strictly related to weight.  That was until the company Saucony re-introduced me to it and all that it truly stands for.  One day I was on Twitter reading feeds and start seeing this hashtag that read #FindYourStrong start popping up everywhere.  Of course I had to check it out and, my eyes were opened!  Not since the days years ago when we were told to Do It (I wont use the entire phrase) have I seen such a empowering movement for not only your physical, but also mental wellness.  Saucony asks you to do one simple thing….  “Find Your Strong”.  It creates a question to one’s self.  What is my Stong?  It can be a lot of different things for a lot of different people.  It can be different in one moment of a day vs. the other, or even in life.  What is my Stong and where do I go or look at to find it?

When running, I find it in many different places.  The first is within myself.  During a trying time of a run or part of a workout, I at times need to dig down and simply demand that extra boast to get me over that hilltop in the workout to catch that 2nd wind.  In other times when my mind has taken over with negativity, I find my strong by looking to my family knowing that they are there for me in 100% support.  When I am reaching a point of not wanting to start my run or quitting it early, I look to this blog, Twitter, Facebook to those of you who read my posts, blogs, and updates and have reached out to me with your kind words of how I inspire you.  In this case, I find my strong in multiple ways.  Not only am not wanting to let people down, but the kind words I receive give me that strength to keep going.  So the word strong isn’t about weight and how much I can push, it’s about a movement, a force that once you find it, you can accomplish so much more than you ever thought.  Take a look at the video below of Dorothy Beal.  Now this is inspiring!!  I have found myself watching this over and over again getting more inspired by her story.  Just a two and a half minute video, but tells so much more in that short time frame!!  I also now find myself ending all Twitter posts with that one powerful yet simple phrase as I will be adding it to the end of all future blogs…  FINDYOURSTRONG!!!


For more information of Saucony‘s Find Your Strong Project, please check out the site by clicking on Saucony‘s name anywhere listed in this post, and shown in the Who I Endorse section of the page.

Also make sure to stop by Dorothy’s page at or by clicking on her name anywhere in the post or the link directly above this line.

Of course I can’t forget about my sponsored site Running4TheMasses and to any of those that I have not mentioned.  Friday is coming soon and I have two Friday’s worth of #FF to make up for on Twitter.  🙂

Take care Everyone!!


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