These Three Words

“Humbled and Honored”

I woke up yesterday with soreness that I have not yet experienced from my personal training sessions.  Why is it that when you workout hard, you sleep like a rock, yet as soon as your eyes open the pain has a full on attack?  It wasn’t the type of pain that says “I never knew these muscles existed.”.  It was the type of pain that said “I know you exist but never knew muscles had vocal cords!”  Mine were certainly yelling and I was sure it was going to be a very long dreadful day.  Before the morning was over, oh how quickly did I stand corrected, and the pain was soon non-existent!

What happen mid-morning was so surreal, I’m still in awe!  My previous post received so many views and feedback!  I’m not a quiet kept person, but I was only able to come up with three words after the last 24 hours of Blogging Utopia, “Humbled and Honored”…  That’s how I felt and am still feeling!!  I simply wanted to express my feelings about what I think is a great project by Saucony.  In the end, I quickly realized that I found more “Strong“!!  To see all that re-tweeted the link to the blog was huge!  Then to see my stats change and start showing a map of the world due to international viewers, set me over the edge.  A very BIG thank you to all that read and continue to read this.  I know that come next Saturday I will look back on April 19th to Find My Strong!!  Even tomorrow morning as I set out for my final long run before the Drake University 2012 Drake Relays Half-Marathon, I will be looking back to yesterday to Find My Strong!!  Gotta re-tool my music playlist tonight for my full dress rehearsal ran into technical issues with the playlist last Saturday for the 10k.  No more waiting until the last minute to do that again!  Must make sure my ear bud fittings are the correct ones, shoes, and socks are fitting correct, wearing the right hat, etc.  The early weather report looks to be the making for a great morning!!  I can’t wait to share a recap with everyone!

Big Thanks to Saucony for enjoying the post and sharing it with all of your followers!  To Dorothy Beal, no need to thank me for giving you a shout out…  You are more than welcome, but more imortantly, THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION!! And thank you for letting me know that it’s okay to talk to myself while I run.  “I RUN THIS BODY!”.  To Richie Woodworth, Chris Lindner, and Libby DeLana, I’ll say it again…  HONORED!!  To my good friend Chad with Running4TheMasses, I can’t wait to start this journey with my old Cross Country teammate!  To my DJ Brett B, I know my race mix for next Saturday will be so great that I’m going to be disappointed when the race is over cause the music will stop.  HA!  And again to everyone who has read this blog, you have helped me Find My Strong.  

The three words I could come up with for how I was feeling were “Humbled and Honored”, but in the end and this running journey I am on it will always circle back to these three words….. 



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