First Big Run of 2012

My journey has started and I have a couple of runs in the books, this coming Saturday will be the first larger distance run of the year.  The 2012 Drake Relays Half-Marathon is here and in typical Relay fashion, the weather is not going to be the greatest.  It doesn’t matter to even look at the long range forecast because your hopes just end up getting shattered.  We go from record high 90 degree temps on Wednesday to a gunshot temperature of 38 come Saturday.  Is that going to stop me though???  OH NO!!  While this is my first time running the half-marathon, I try to run the 8k race every year and it’s usually my first run of the season and by far my favorite run.  The spectators for this run are some of the best! The buzz that is around the city is tremendous and I think that’s also part of why I enjoy this run.

I have my playlist completed with the exception of one last track.  My personalized half-marathon mix by my close friend and genius friend and DJ, Brett B!!  I made sure not to procrastinate on the music this go around.  The biggest question is do I listen to the mix before the run or just drop it into the Motoactv and let it give me that boost during the run???  That’s going to be a hard one, especially after talking to him and hearing how hyped he was over it.  Hell, he said that it would be hitting my folder around 3AM tonight.  That’s not to far away, do I just stay up??  I’m going to make sure to have my full race stats posted in my recap post, which will also include my playlist.  That’s one thing that I do enjoy, is seeing what others listen to when they are running for their motivation.  I am sorry to those that will not be able to listen to the custom mix.  You can hear Brett live every Friday afternoon though.  Log on to KISS1075 every Friday at 5PM Central Time and listen to The Adrenaline Drive at 5.  This can also be accessed via the iheartradio app for Apple OS and Android.  It’s a great way to end the work week with some uptempo current fun tracks!

I read something today that I have to share.  It’s from fellow blogger, MS. IRUNTHISBODY, and the current FindYourStrong featured athlete Dorothy Beal and she wrote the following.  LOVE IT!!

Friends are like carbs…… Addicting

Friends are like carbs…… too many may not be good for you

Friends are like carbs…… can’t live with out them

Friends are like carbs…… better on a run

I have to say that I am most fortunate for the people in my life that are supporting me in this journey and just supporting me in general.  Just so much going on for this race that I’m so excited about!  My mix is one, and the other is being able to premiere the brand new Saucony Kinvara 3 shoes!!  WOW these things are AMAZING!  What was the most surprising was that when they arrived, I was expecting the standard color that I have been seeing in the ads for the last few months, but instead…..  A DIRECT MATCH to the relay colors!!  I am so pumped to have these laced up and on making those around me jealous and wanting to go get a pair.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Chris Lindner and everyone at Saucony!!

Also thank you to Running4TheMasses, the folks at TommieCopper, Avitae, Pro-Tec Athletics, and IonLoop.

To Brett B…More Thank You’s than I can Type!!

I check back in sometime this weekend with a full recap of the events.  In the meantime here are some visuals for you.



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