My Hiatus is Over

It’s the first day of June and the official end of my hiatus since completing the Drake Relays Half-Marathon.  It was well needed in order for me to get mentally ready for this journey.  Although the first race isn’t until Sept. 23rd, the journey starts in 24 days as I will have the first official run for my training.

While I have been absent on the social media and blogging radar, I have picked up quite a bit of knowledge thanks to many of you that I have began to follow on Twitter and who have started to follow me.  I thank you for sharing your knowledge, ideas, and inspiration.

With that being said, I’M BACK!!  Updates to the blog multiple times per week, and status reports about my training.  I need to come up with some ideas for weekly features.  Any ideas??  I have to say that my fellow blogger MollyontheRun has a true follower in me.  We all know that everyone’s favorite day of the week is Friday, but what is the other favorite day?  Mine is Thursday thanks to Molly and her Thursday Thoughts feature.  By far my favorite part of the day is reading these.  Thank you Molly and keep em coming!!  By the way, I’m sorry to hear about your father’s knee.  Everyone check out and subscribe to her blog.  Great info!!

Have a Great Weekend Everyone and Best of Luck to all of the Runners at Des Moines’ Dam to Dam!!  The weather will be perfect!!!!


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