Since this past Saturday it seems that I have been surrounded by all things running and I LOVE IT!!

It all started last Saturday with the annual Dam to Dam 20k run here in Des Moines.  Billed as the nation’s largest 20k it’s quite the event that the city takes great pride in having both for the participants and spectators.  This year I decided to be on the spectator end of things so I could cheer for my wife as she ran her first Dam to Dam in 7 years.  Unfortunately she was not able to run it this year due to an ongoing fight with Plantar Fasciitis.  Such the trooper she is too.  I knew she was disappointed and wanted to run the race so bad.  Instead we went to the race, played spectator and cheered for the other runners.  Besides getting inspired by watching the runners, she inspired me too.  We get home from a long morning of race watching and walking around at our local farmers market, and instead of sitting down to relax, she hops on her bike and off for a 2 hr very hilly ride she went.  I on the other hand treated myself to some more running activities by watching the Pre Classic and the amazing elite athletes that make this sport look so easy.

Along with the Dam to Dam race, our city gets the wonderful news that The Color Run will be coming here.  I am so excited for everyone who is getting the opportunity to do this race!  Unfortunately I will not be able to join in due to running in the Chicago Marathon the next day.  I see that as a pretty fair trade though.  Some others may not see running 26.2 miles as something fun to do, but I’ll take having 1.5 million spectators and running along 45,000 runners in the one of the world’s top 3 marathons any day!  Next year I WILL be doing the Des Moines Color Run!

Finally today I get another dose of running.  Our city for the 2nd year straight is hosting the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships.  I tell ya this running stuff is all around me and prepping me for my journey with so much motivation.  I just had to wonder if the NCAA knew what they were planning with having the championships start on National Running Day??  Great idea to do that!!  My company also got involved and surrounded me with more running.  As I leave my personal training session, in the middle of our plaza are so many employees with their running shoes on and music playing in the background to send the runners off for our sponsored “Fun Run” which will be happening every Wednesday.  All of this happening around me in less than one week.  This is giving me a great jumpstart to my summer!!

19 days until the training begins!!!


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