Every SOLE Has a Story. Every Shoe Has a SOUL.

Hello All!

So Saucony’s newest profile for their Strong Project is so INCREDIBLE!!  It is about a gentleman named Fermin Lau and his foundation Step Into My Sole. 10 years ago he began running as a form of therapy to free his mind and cope with dealing with the loss of his father. Fermin was just 11 yrs old when this happened and has had to live with this on his mind over the last 27 years. In the end, he has taken this running therapy and turned it into an inspiring movement and foundation.

His foundation is donating your used running shoes to those in need.  The difference with Step Into My Sole and other shoe donation foundations, are the stories.  Fermin believes “that we create stories in your shoes, in my case my running shoes. Every step we take, we create a story, our own story.”  The shoes are tracked from the person who donated them and the story shared by that individual to the person who receives them and the story that is created from their experience.

I will be donating my Saucony Kinvara 3s that I will be completing my first of three marathons in four weeks.  The shoes from the inaugural race, and the ones that I was so lucky to obtain from the kind & generous folks at Saucony on the eve of their release date.  They are also the only shoe I will be wearing for all of my races.

Truly a very inspiring movement that I am going to be honored to be a part of!!

Click on the link for Step Into My Sole and learn more.  Also check out the video below.

Be Inspired like I was after watching and……


Find Your Strong Project – Fermin Lau from Saucony on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Every SOLE Has a Story. Every Shoe Has a SOUL.

  1. Hey Fermin! Thank you for reaching out and checking in! I am actually in the process of putting together my story for you and have my pair of Kinvara 3s that I ran my first of my three marathons ready to ship out to you. The journey was such a rush and something I’ll never forget. It’s truly going to be an honor to be able to share my story and get this pair of shoes to you for your foundation!

    Training is back in full gear. Up next…. I WANT BOSTON!! 🙂

    Best regards and FIND YOUR STRONG,

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