Week In Review

So the second week of training went MUCH better than the first week.  I think I have my mindset squared away and focused.  Although we experienced some excessive heat here in the Midwest, I still managed to get most of my training in.  I’m excited for my small group personal training session tomorrow because we have weigh-ins and measurements to check on our progress.  According to my scale, I’m down close to 10 pounds in 3 weeks.  If that’s the case come tomorrow, I’ll be so excited, because that will mean that my body comp is also dropping.  The only downfall (If you consider it a downfall) was the face that my favorite shirt no longer fits me.  I bought this really cool Armani shirt when I was in Vegas and it now must retire.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing due to the fact that the shirt is now too small in the arms and chest vs the stomach.  Now that’s the type of out growing your clothes I can handle.

Pretty similar training this week as with last week.  My long run will be increasing to 12 miles so that will be a challenge.  But one I’m ready to face.  Looks like this week leading up to that day, I’ll be doing some major adjusting to the playlist.  Off to sleep I go with my legs feeling quite happy thanks to my Pro-Tec Athletics Foam Roller and Hand Massager.  These two pieces of equipment will be getting a lot of use in the coming months!  All that are participating in athletic events should really look into purchasing a foam roller.  Such a huge difference with your muscle recovery.

Happy Running Everyone and…..  FIND YOUR STRONG


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