The Time Is Beginning To Tick


Hello all!

I sit here tonight with a lot of excitement around me.  Granted it is a Monday and most people hate Monday’s, this one has been quite good to me.  I have thought about it all day and cannot believe that in exactly two months, I will most likely be sitting here in the same spot on my sofa writing about all of the great memories that I had experienced while running the 1st of my three marathons in four weeks.

While two months sounds like a lot of time, I know that that amount of time will tick away faster than I want it to.  I know when I kicked off this blog I was wishing the time would speed up to get to this point, but now I just want it to be plenty of time to ensure I am ready for this challenge.  It’s still so exciting and I’m ready for it!

The other great addition to my day, well it actually happened yesterday, but I was offered and I accepted the role of becoming a Fitfluential Ambassador!  Such a huge honor to be part of this group!  Definitely some great bloggers, athletes, trainers, nutrition gurus.  I hope I can bring as much as I can to the table and be the best ambassador as I can.

Well, its getting late and I must get some sleep.  Everyone have a good week and for those of us sticking it out in this heat while training, make sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and listen to your body!

Best of luck to Team Saucony, and straight from Iowa, Lolo Jones & Gaby Douglas.  Bring home some gold Team USA!!

#FitFluential  #FindYourStrong!!


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