The Night When It All Came Together

Tonight was that one special night where as a runner training, it all clicked.  It felt like what you hear professional golfers talk about when they finally find their swing.  Tonight, I found my stride and like I end all of my posts with, I Found My Strong!!  My legs felt stronger, my posture was exactly as it should be, and that stride was unbreakable.  While I set out to run a relaxed 5 mile run, I felt so good that I had to force myself to stop at the distance vs. continue.

With less than two months before kicking off the marathon race schedule, I am so thrilled that this happen at the time it did.  Beginning next week I am adding meditation to my daily routine.  Being able to run so relaxed before starting a process that will help me to relax more is a win, win.  I can’t wait to share with all of you what the results bring by adding this.

Sept 23 will be here oh so soon and to my Omaha friends, I would absolutely love to see you along the route of the marathon!!  The course maps are not available yet, but as soon as they are released, I will be posting right here so you all can review and find a location along the route to cheer me on.  The same goes for my friends in Chicago and Kansas City.  Chicago, I will be there running the Bank of America Marathon on Oct 7th  featuring 44,999 other runners.  And Kansas City friends, I will be wrapping the 4 week run on Oct 20th .  Hit the links below for the course maps.  Also, how cool would it be if you hit the link for the DixonRunning Saucony T-Shirt and ordered one to wear during the races to show your support??    🙂  All proceeds from the T-Shirt sales go to Saucony’s Run for Good Foundation providing an active environment to underprivileged children.

Chicago Marathon Course Map

Kansas City Course Map

Dixonrunning T-shirt Link


Thank you everyone for continuing to read and wish me well wishes!!



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