The Excitement Is Starting to Brew

Coming up on one month until the first race, and the excitement is beginning to build.  There’s been a little bit of build up in the last week that has me getting anxious for all of this to kick-off.  It’s so hard to believe that way back in December of 2011 that I began brainstorming for this.  I asked myself what would be a good challenge, what would be a good New Years Resolution, and most importantly, what would be something more meaningful than completing my 1st marathon.

After I completed my first marathon, I knew that I would be doing another one and knew that Chicago was one that I wanted.  It was actually my first choice of marathons to run, but I quickly realized back in 2010 how fast it sold out.  Plus after talking with my wife, it was probably best that I run my first marathon in my home city just to have some familiar faces in the crowd to cheer me on.  Deciding to take it easy for 2011, I chose to run my 1st half-marathon just to get it under my belt, but mainly because I hadn’t figured out what my next big challenge would be.  Completing that half-marathon in October of 2011, I had my base set for 2012.  I would be doing Chicago.  I knew that I come the first part of February I would be eagerly waiting online to submit my entry for what was the 2nd largest marathon in the world for the year of 2011.  And this February of 2012 I clicked the Submit button and was offically entered in the Chicago Marathon which 6 days later sold out in record breaking time.  More excitment built today upon getting my email from the marathon giving me my starting corral assignment.  It seems like it was so long ago when entering the race and now it’s coming up on go time!  Coming soon I will be sharing the course maps for the three races.  For my friends in each one of the cities (Omaha, Chicago, & Kansas City), please feel free to take a look at the maps when I put them out here and show up on the course.  Also if you’re planning on going to one of the events and are not sure where to view the race, please feel free to contact me and I will be able to assist with some prime locations.

Getting so excited to show everyone how I will Find My Strong and to share this journey with all of you.  A sharing of a journey that has grown this week thanks to Jesica D’Avanza.  Due to Jesica sharing my story on her website rUnladylike in her Friday FITspiration section, more people have reached out to me than I could ever imagine.  THANK YOU JESICA!!  It’s so amazing receiving messages from individuals that I have never met that are telling me that I have inspired them.  It’s hard to fathom, but I am so flattered, honored, and grateful.   I am so lucky and privilaged!!


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