Hard To Believe

As I was mowing my lawn this evening, I was thinking about this coming Thursday 8/23/12 and how I was going to be so excited to write its entry.  Then something dawned on me about today’s date.  While I am very excited to talk this coming Thursday about the one month countdown for starting my journey, it hit me that today marks two months to the day that this journey will be completed.  Pretty bittersweet if you ask me.  While being so excited for the races to begin, I was forced to think about what my feelings will be like come time for the journey to end.

Honestly, I really tried not to think about the ending other than how I am going to thank everyone involved.  And when I say everyone involved, I mean all of you following this blog, and following on Twitter and Facebook.  I continued to think and it hit me.  I want everyone that I can get on my blog.  Everyone coming to the races, please make sure if you are there, to get my attention during the race.  I will be carrying my phone with me and will stop when I see you for a picture.  Every picture I get, I will be uploading to this blog in my review of each race.  Just another way of me showing the true appreciation of support that I have been receiving.

So to my friends in Omaha, come this Thursday 8/23, I will begin reminding you the race, and race time.  I’ll post it again, but if you are interested in coming to the race in Omaha, click on the Omaha Marathon logo at the bottom of this entry.  It will take you directly to the course map.  Also for spectators, I know a lot of the races webpages will allow you to look in on the runners as we cross certain checkpoints.  I also will be doing something very similar, with the exception of my tool showing you my location in “RealTime”  I also will be posting the link for this site as race day draws near.  The excitement just continues to build!  Today I had a photo shoot with my company’s photographer for a profile story about me, my running of these marathons, and this blog.  I can’t wait to see it!  Such a rush all of this is producing.

So very humbling to me!  New pics also posted from my run this afternoon.


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