The Countdown Begins!!!

So it has officially started!  Well not officially due to the fact that I am writing this before the clock strikes Midnight on 8/23.  I have a sull day and evening tomorrow so I will get my post done tonight.  So lets jump forward a few hours to Thursday 8/23/2012.

So it has officially started!!  The one month countdown until the gun fires and I set out on this quest.  (Ah, that was much better!).  Four very fast weeks are going to pass, but I am so ready for it to begin!  As it gets closer, I am getting more anxious vs. nervous about completing.  I know I will complete this,  I’m ready for it mentally and physically and cant wait to get going.  Now it’s time for my motivational  pre-race ritual which now has some additions.  The ritual consists of my movie viewing to get me inspired and focused.  Prefontaine , Without Limits, and the movie that started it all with telling me that I will run a marathon, Spirit of The Marathon.  Spirit is such a powerful feature, so motivational, and better yet, set in Chicago!  My new motivational pieces are those from Saucony’s Strong Project.  Each one has its own meaning, but the one that stands out to me is that of Dorothy Beal and her “Dream Big, Run Long” feature.  The entire Find Your Strong promotion has provided me with so much drive for these races.  I will definitely need to dig deep and find my strong in each of these races, but my last piece of new motivation will give me a very large boost.  That piece is my recent messages that I’ve received from many of you who read this and who call me an inspiration.

Reading and hearing that is such a TREMENDOUS privilege to have!!  I just read a bog post today from a follower of my blog and Twitter feed, who I also follow.  I was completely shocked and pleasantly surprised to have received such an honor to be mentioned in someone’s post along with having my name in the post’s title.  What followed while reading the post is what floored me.  In describing a challenging run and reaching the final push of the run, it was me that was the motivation to “keep his hopes alive” to finish.  Big Shout Out to BGRUNS!!  That meant a lot to read Kevin!

As I prepare in this final month, it’s all of these variables that will go into getting me thru to the finish line in Omaha on September 23rd.  My family, and all of my friends are the best support team anyone could ask for!!


One thought on “The Countdown Begins!!!

  1. You are very welcome sir and thank you for being a motivation to many, not just myself. Good luck again and keep those shoes pounding the pavement, eventually it will submit!

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