“My Three In Four Quest is Over Just Like That.”

So who never liked a little dramatic twist to a good story???

Okay, so a little too dramatic for my liking, but this couldn’t have even been scripted.  So there I am on Friday afternoon at a golf tournament with everything feeling good with perfect weather to boot.  Ate lunch and all was going good with everyone having fun.  And then, I felt it.  I’ve been eating so well that this fatty lunch had given me some indigestion.  No worries though,  it wasn’t going to ruin my day on the course.  Well, that’s what I was trying to think.  Needless to say that two hours later, I was in my car and coming home to lay down and see if the pain would go away, this was some serious acid re-flux.

Two more hours pass and I am now headed to the Urgent Care Doctor to see what the heck is going on.  I get some pain meds and some stomach ease medicine and sent on my way.  I get home and take my meds, lay down and all is good again as the pain meds kick in and I fall asleep.  Cue an hour later and more pain, but this time the burn has transferred to my back and is so bad it has woke me up from sleeping.  I tell my wife, “I think we need to go to the ER cause something is going on and it’s not indigestion.  We head to the packed hospital to see what the heck is going on.  After what seemed like an eternity, I was moved to an ER room to get looked at.  Still in a lot of pain I got my IV and some pain relief as I wait to go for an ultrasound to determine what is causing the discomfort.  3AM on Saturday rolls around and the ER doctor comes back into the room after the ultrasound is done and breaks the news.  “Ryan, your gallbladder has to come out.”  While I am relieved that the pain is going to be gone, the next thing that comes to mind is “My Three In Four Quest is Over Just Like That.”  Such a gut wrenching feeling to have along with the pain that was already putting a damper on my day.   I think I would have rather twisted an ankle or had some other type of sports injury that would have caused the dream to come to an end, but not the slip of eating some fatty food that triggered all of this.  Nothing more I could do except do as instructed and see how it all unfolds.

After getting admitted to my room, I’m told that the surgeon will be making rounds in a couple of hours and I would be on the schedule for some time Saturday morning.  I meet my doctor and we talk about the surgery and how easy of a surgery it is.  One of my first questions is about recovery, when can I work?  When can I exercise?  Then the big question, When can I run?  I’m given the answer of  “Although walking is key to your recovery, no running for two weeks”.  (Omaha is in four weeks).  I come out of surgery and all went great.  No issues, other than the surprise from the doctor that I had not had any symptoms before now due to having what he called “a very sick gallbladder”.  What I did learn was that while I was in recovery, the doctor came to speak with my wife about the operation.  She asks the running question again and explains to him that I am currently training for a marathon.  The good doctor provided an answer that was very promising.  He had performed the same procedure on someone who successfully completed a marathon two weeks after the surgery.   Here comes my determination again, or should I say that I go on that mission that I have talked about in the past…  I seek out to FindMyStrong, and boy did I seek hard.  Surgery at 10AM and I’m walking out of the hospital by 6PM the same day.  Orders are given to walk, daily and rest, allowed back to work Tuesday, and carry on with normal activities.  No lifting of anything over 15lbs for six weeks, but it’s a good thing running doesn’t involve lifting.  I get a follow-up call from the doctor yesterday checking in to see how I am feeling and am told, that as long as I keep up with my walking and no pain is occurring, “Ryan, I do not see any reason why you won’t still be ready come September 23rd.”

So there you have it, my dramatic twist and another chapter to this story.  Still Finding My Strong and won’t stop until that finish line is crossed on October 2oth in Kansas City, but even after that, I will always be on a quest to Find My Strong.

27 Days Until Omaha!


3 thoughts on ““My Three In Four Quest is Over Just Like That.”

  1. Wow, glad you got it taken care of. Guy who works for me had one go completely bad and nearly killed him.

    Suggest patience and a lot of listening to your body. Even if you skip the one, realize that the one extra week might do you good and you can find another race to complete your quest.

    Then again, you could walk a majority and still complete the goal, I just figure you are like me and have issue with walking at all.

    God speed in your recovery.

  2. Wow, talk about a bump in the road. I hope that you are on the mend and that everything goes well. I agree with BGRuns. Give your body time to heal. Then you will be back in the race. I admire your determination. You inspire us all

  3. Thank you to you both! It was quite the scare. I’ll be following the doctor’s orders and doing exactly what is told of me to do. On top of that, I will also be listening to my body and not risk any injury. Thank you again for reading. This is starting to get so exciting as I get closer. I can’t wait to keep you updated especially with my race recaps. 🙂

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