Weekend Wrap-up

Another week has past and only one more to go before I can hit the pavement to continue my training with doctor’s clearance of course.  I feel much better and can’t wait to get back at it, especially after this weekend!  A great attraction to the Des Moines area is the yearly 5i50 Hy-Vee Triathlon U.S. Championships.  2012 Olympic gold and silver medalist along with the best in the world all come to be in the elite class of athletes.  Although I have no desire of doing a tri, the atmosphere of being there and seeing these athletes push it to their all, is so inspiring and motivating!  It was certainly a great way to cap a great week considering I have been sidelined since my gallbladder removal.

Thus far the highlight of my journey and telling of my story was reached this past Thursday when my employer ran a spotlight story on me.



That last sentence was written on Monday September 3 (Labor Day).  I’m picking back up to finish this post one day short of a week later.  Why so long for one post you ask??  Well, when I got to that sentence I was not feeling too hot.  I couldn’t tell if I was just not back to being 100% from my surgery the week before or if I had just ran myself down by doing too much that weekend so close after my surgery.  I decided to cut the post short and finish it up the next day.  That next day turned into a week later.  That next day I woke up and felt normal.  Ate some breakfast, went to work, and was ready to kick off a nice four day work week after having Labor Day off.

All was good that Tuesday morning until around 10AM.  That’s when the exact same feeling that I had the previous night came back on.  I was wondering if this was going to be an ongoing thing after having the gallbladder removed and the next question I had was “How long will this last?”  By 11:30 I found the pain getting worse and I began to get nervous thinking that something just was not right.  I sent my wife an IM telling her that I wanted to head back to the ER and get things checked out due to the way I was felling and the amount of pain I was receiving at such a rapid rate.

By time we got to the ER, which was only about 5 minutes away from out office, the pain was now worse than what I felt before having my gallbladder removed.  Nerves now are on High Alert!  As I wait to get checked into the ER, the Dr office calls me back to tell me not to continue to the ER and instead some labs done that they had just called in over at the Outpatient area.  As my wife and I head that way, the pain has now definitely surpassed what I had felt that Friday night before the surgery, completely unbearable.  While waiting for my lab results, the pain is to the point of not being able to sit, stand, or lay in any position on the bed in the examine room.  When my results finally came back, it was discovered that my liver enzyme levels were way elevated.  What does this mean???  Back to the hospital I go!  Keep in mind thefirst sentence if the last paragraph.  10AM at this point, was the last time I had eaten anything and that happened to be a yogurt and a banana.  Mind you it’s now about 3PM and I’ve had very little food, the only thing on my mind is getting my IV and some pain meds to get rid of this awful feeling.  Once settled into my room, I’m seeing some familiar faces from the week before when I had my surgery.  I then get some good news, NOT!  No food or drink (even water) until after my follow-up procedure in the morning.  The doctor notified me that a GI doctor would be coming in to perform a procedure to make sure no leftover gallstones are in my system lodged.  My pain meds kick in and nighty-nighty I go.  Next morning comes and I’m ready to get my procedure so I can head back home and get on with my life and prep for these races coming oh so very quickly.  As I get come out of being sedated, I find out that the procedure was aborted due to some internal bleeding that occurred during the procedure.  More waiting until the next day to try again.  Along with the wait, again told that there will be no food or drink until the procedure is complete.  We are now 24 hrs into the last time having something to eat.  Next morning arrives with yet more labs to be done and no more news as to what the heck is going on. Once the doctor comes in, it’s determined that I had blockage at my liver due to blood and a blood clot that was not allowing my liver functions to perform as they should.  The bleeding that happen during the procedure was in fact that clot that happened to be broken up and released.  Still the doctors are not 100% sure due to the procedure being stopped short.  More labs ordered for the next morning and yes, no food or drink.

Come the next day, my labs have shown some good improvement, but nothing to rule out until another procedure is completed so lets fast forward to Thursday morning.  My levels have dropped drastically and come afternoon I am given clearance to have clear liquid diet.  Jello never tasted so good having gone 48 hrs from the last time I had eaten.  By Thursday night, I was able to make the jump to a standard liquid diet.  I’m a happy camper, but still concerned that there is nothing set in stone that this will not happen again.  Friday morning my levels are down once again and to a level that all of the doctors are happy with.  Lowfat solid diet is now granted.  By Friday afternoon, I’m back home.  A couple of follow up appointments in the next couple of weeks, but the doctors are pleased and…..  Yep, I still get to run these races!!  Omaha I must admit will be a run/walk quest, but I’m not nor was I ever running for a time.  I just want my medals stating that I completed each and every one of these races.

Yesterday I went on my first run in three weeks.  I did it while pushing my 3 1/2 year old in his jogger stroller.  It was not an easy task, but I got out there and did it!!

Don’t worry friends, I will complete the previous Weekend Wrap-Up, but tomorrow it will be finished.  I need to end this post.  Not because I don’t feel well, I;m just a little tired and need to continue to rest up and get my self ready to start another work week.


Exactly 14 Days Until Omaha!!!!!  Still excited, and hoping that I stay healthy.  I ask my body just a simple request.  Let me thru these races, but most important, healthy and Injury free until.


Thank you all for reading!  FIND YOUR STRONG!!


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