Making My Lists And Checking Them Twice

Wow!  The week before the race is more than half over and Sunday is coming quickly.  I think it set in tonight that it’s finally here!  I was excited leading up to today, but upon getting the mail this afternoon it hit me.  My official participant guide for the Chicago Marathon arrived and I am so pumped!

I decided to start putting together my checklist for my race gear to ensure I won’t forget anything.  I’m glad I started now as I’m pretty sure I will be constantly adding to it with things that I’m not thinking about.  From making sure I have the right socks, shorts, shirts, and shoes, to all of the accessories that I’ll need.  It makes me laugh because I think to myself, “Why do you have to make this list?  You’re only running a race!”  LOL!!  Trust me though, there is so much that goes into to it.  One item left off and my mental state is all out of whack and leads to a bad run.  The mental game is such a viscous cycle!  When everything is right, you feel unstoppable, but one slight thing wrong, and your run is cooked.

That’s where the second list comes into play.  My music playlist is equally as important.  Music is so very powerful!  Have you ever associated a song with a certain point of time that you always remember where you were when that song hit you?  Back in February I wrote a post about how different music motivates me for my running.  From the music of some tracks, to the lyrics in other tracks, I rely so much on my playlist and when these songs play.  When I am getting to that point of not wanting to keep going, magically that one song comes on and gives me my second wind and I feel brand new.  Those that have known me for a while also know my love of music, and all of the different styles of music.  It’s no different when I’m on a run.  Every song that plays isn’t something that is high energy and constantly pounding me to go, go ,go.  My playlist is all over the place and can easily make one wonder, how can this track possibly make him want to keep going?  What is going through his mind when he’s listening to this?  So what is it that I listen to during a race??  All of my readers will find out very soon!  Along with sharing my journey with you all, I’ve decided to really share the entire experience with you!  After each of my races, I am going to share the soundtrack in the order of each track played during all of the runs.  With these soundtracks, I will also describe what was going on in my mind for some of the stand out tracks when writing my race recaps.  Just another piece of the excitement I have for doing all of this.  What a great way to look back on all of it!

I will be back with all of you this Saturday for my 1st race eve post.  Possibly my final thoughts post before the maiden voyage.  You never know though, you may just have one appear from the start of the race in a video post…

Stay Tuned!   🙂


2 thoughts on “Making My Lists And Checking Them Twice

  1. Good luck and God’s speed!

    I too use music to help keep my mind off the current situation and to help keep the feet moving. My go to track recently has been All In from Lifehouse. Excellent beat, and talks about giving it your all. Sure it is about relationships, however to me, I am in a relationship while running with myself and the miles in front of me.

    I like to start with U2 Beautiful Day as it is so uplifting and reminds me that I am running because I can and to enjoy myself.

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