The Final Countdown

It’s all come down to this! In just a matter of hours from now and I’m on the road running through the city of Omaha Nebraska.  I have to admit that my nerves are on high alert but in a good way.  So much anticipation is running through me.  From getting together with my high school classmates for pics before the race, to meeting a fellow FitFluential Ambassador who’s blog I read and have learned so much from, to finally starting this journey.

While I don’t want to wish the time away as I will soak in every one of these races, I am working on my post-journey thank you post.  There are certainly a lot of people that I will make sure to shout out in thanks for all of the support that has been provided to me along the way.  In the meantime I must take some time to thank some now.

Big thank you goes out first and foremost to my wonderful wife Karen!  You are my rock and words cannot express the appreciation that I have for you! I LOVE YOU!!!  To my great friend Chad, we’ve been talking about this since October of 2011 and we are finally at the point of where it all started with us running together again as teammates!  I thank you for having Running4themasses having me as your sponsored athlete, and am truly honored to be able to run this, your first marathon with you!  To my friends Chris Lindner, Richie Woodworth, Libby DeLana (Mechanica), and the entire Saucony family…  You are all AMAZING!!  I cannot think you enough for everything you have done! I can say that though I am no where near the caliber of athlete of a Wallace Spearmon or any of the other athletes that are on Team Saucony, you have certainly made me feel like I am one of them!  So much appreciation for you and thank you for introducing me to what “Strong” is and how to get on the path of Finding My Strong!  To my wonderful parents, your support has been endless!! I forever look up to you and the work ethic you have taught me.  I promise to keep that going in passing that teaching to my children!  To Nichole & Jenny, true friends that were right there with me back in 2001.  I know that we have talked and both of you have told me that it was my drive and determination that got me thru dealing with my recovery of my foot, but it was the support that the two of you provided along with my parents that made me believe in myself to do it. I’m forever in debt to you!  To my friends at Pro-Tec Athletes, thank you for introducing me to the proper way of recovery with your great product!  I can’t wait to meet you all 2 weeks from now in Chicago!  Thank you to IonLoop, & Tommie Copper!  Your product will be well represented and I will continue to pass the good word to others about your product and all of the great benefits they offer.  To my good friend Brett Belcastro, the ways of meditation that you introduced me to will be monumental in getting me thru these races.  You are wise so beyond your years!!  DJ Brett B, what can I say??? I do everything I’m supposed to in prepping for the races with my nutrition, but your music is truly the fuel for these runs!!!  Last but certainly not least, to my trainer and friend Terri Good.  I can’t begin to explain how lucky I am to be on your team!   The best decision I could have made in getting ready for these races was to sign up for the small group training with you!   So many things that I have learned about myself that I would have never been able to accomplish on my own.   From my form, to building strength, correcting posture, to of course proper eating.   You have helped in changing my lifestyle and I thank you.   Even when the races are over, we will continue putting in this hard work.

Thank you to everyone that has and continues to read. Until tomorrow when I take you on this journey with me.

Find Your Strong!!


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