First One In The Books, But Did I Fall Victim To New Apple Maps Debacle??? (The Omaha Recap)

So my 1st race of the journey is complete and I could not be more thrilled knowing that I was able to get out there and get this done with having my gallbladder removed just four weeks prior and a second 4 day hospital stay.  It was so thrilling to be finally starting the first race.   My wife and I decided not to spend the night in Omaha before the race and conserve money due to the trip to Omaha being just over 2 hours.

I figured that I would be up that early any way to eat, so why not save the money and just drive over the morning of.  I can always sleep in the car on the way over.  While the plan was well thought of, the follow through was not.  I was simply too excited to get this thing underway!  Now Lets RECAP!!

The pre-race lineup went by rather quickly due the the pre-marathon of waiting in line at the porta-potties.  Once I made it through that, it was picture time with my former high school classmates and then the race kicked off.  Before I look back on the race, I would like to give a big shout out to my friend since the seventh grade Laurie Halpenny!!  She ran her entire half-marathon rocking her Saucony I AM DixonRunning tee.  So awesome to see everyone!!

The race I would have to say went as well as it could have gone.  With having my gallbladder surgery and the complications that caused the additional hospital stay, I was unable to run beyond 16 miles in my training runs which definitely played a factor.  The race itself I would have to say was one of the loneliest races I have ever ran.  I figured with the city being larger than Des Moines, the crown would have to be there, but it certainly was not.  That was okay though, I was still going to set out and do this.  I absolutely needed to get this one under my belt.  One advantage that I find myself with is the fact that I’m not waiting a year or more before running the next race and having to remembver what is going to be done differently.  Everything that I learned to do different, I can apply for my next marathon coming on Oct. 7.  The course itself in Omaha was a 2 loop out and back route.  A challenging hill met the runners at mile 8, but the rest of the course was not too bad.  Not too bad with the exception of what occurred at mile 22, that’s when it fell apart for me.  The course was opened up to traffic and shortly after passing the 22 mile marker I missed the right hand turn due to traffic and continued forward on the course leading me off track by a half mile before realizing that I had gone off of the course.

At this point my mind was taken entirely out of the race and I was ready just give up and do what ever I could to get to that finish line medal or no medal.  My mind state did turn around though.  I was lucky to be able to run along side a pretty cool person.  Why not make the best of a bad situation and I did exactly that plus some!  For the last four miles of the race I ran beside my new friend Dan Holfman.  Without running next to Dan and having talking about multiple subjects not only made the last four miles fly by, but also made me appreciate running that much more.  Possibly the only sport that you can train months, days, hours, & minutes for by yourself, and yet meet some great people that are out there to seek the same thing you are in search of.  The almighty finisher medal.  I can honestly say that I couldn’t have made it through the last four miles without Dan there.  Big shout out to Dan Holfman!!  Thank you for keeping me company and I only hope that I was able to do the same for assisting with you finishing the race.

For me in 6 short days, Chicago is next.  This will be very exciting and I guarantee not to overachieve and run 27.3 miles.  I go from a race that had total number for both the full and half still coming up short vs the amount of people in my corral alone for the Chicago race.  3700 in my corral out of the 45,000 total for the race.1.5 million spectators and I can’t wait to hear all of the cheering to help me with finding my strong!!


3 thoughts on “First One In The Books, But Did I Fall Victim To New Apple Maps Debacle??? (The Omaha Recap)

  1. Wow, almost getting up to the 50k level of running. I am sure that extra mile was a bit of a back breaker, but just think the chicago should be 1/27th easier than Omaha. Hope the legs are healing well, best of luck this weekend.

    1. Thanks Kevin! The legs are feeling great and I think I should be ready for Chicago. So excited for this one, from the runners, the crowd, the expo, and just the opportunity to run in the city of Chicago is going to be so surreal. I remember going to Chicago and watching the 2010 race. It gave me goosebumps just being in Grant Park witnessing it. I don’t know what will run through me once I’m back and actually doing the race.

      The pics and recap from this on will be good, that’s for sure!!

      As always, Thank you for reading Kevin!

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