I’m Back Now!

Hello all,

I decided to take a little break from social media aspect of things after completing the races, but I’m back now!  While I did take some time off from here, I didn’t take any time off from my wellness!  I’ve been going hard in the gym adding strength and maintaining my cardio.  2013 is going to be bigger than this year and I have to start now preparing otherwise it wont happen.

I’m also very excited and humbled for what is going to happen in two days!  I was selected to speak at a wellness session in my company’s annual spotlight on development series.  I’ll be speaking about how I fell in love with running, my accident, and of course the three marathons in four weeks.  It will be at this session where I will also be announcing my 2013 goals in front of an auditorium of folks.  And of course later in the day I will be revealing here.  Also stay tuned for my 2012 recap and thank you edition post.  And I haven’t forgotten, The race soundtracks are coming very, very soon!!


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