The Ending of a Chapter

Well, today’s the day that I wrap up the journey that was Three Marathons in Four Weeks.  As I prepare to speak in front of my fellow employees about my journey and love of running, I will not be closing the book, but only ending a chapter of it.  In about an hour I will be making my formal announcement of my 2013 challenge and goal.  So excited to share it with everyone, and of course, I’m VERY excited to have you join me on this new journey that I will be setting forth.

By the way, yet another obstacle presented itself…  Yesterday I woke up with absolutely no voice.  That timing could not have been worse considering that I will be speaking today.   It should hold up for the session though.  I worked from home yesterday so I could rest my voice and drink tea w/honey like it was going out of style.  Let’s hope it continues to hold.

Thanks all & FIND YOUR STRONG!!


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