What a Year it Was

Hello all,

I wanted to quickly reach out and let you know that my year in review edition will be posted by the weeks’ end.  Also letting you know that yes, it will be a lengthy one so hopefully you will have some time to read it.  I do have 365 days to cover and the year well….  Was quite interesting to say the least.  I will also be updating everyone on what I have been doing since the marathons and what is in store for 2013.

I won’t be making many changes to the page, just going to concentrate on very frequent posts, along with something that I think would be fun…  I’ll be introducing “Guest Bloggers” to the page hopefully on a weekly basis.   I have had the opportunity to network and meet a lot of extremely knowledgeable people this year, and they all happen to be very good writers along with knowing their stuff!  Stay tuned for that, as there will be some great info to share.

Don’t forget, by weeks’ end, that year in review will be available.  Subscribe to the page to ensure you are receiving the latest updates.

Until then, I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and staying healthy!



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